It’s hard to believe that we’re now headed into 2019 – where are these years going!? As a small or medium-sized business owner, the chances are that you’re getting yourself set for another year of hard work and competition, but if you want to take your organization to the next level, then there are some New Year’s Resolutions you should consider. Below, we round them up.

Learn to be competitive


If you want to grow your business and become a key player in your industry, then you must learn to combat competition and keep customers on your side. The truth is that you cannot afford to sit back and watch competitors steal your customers or dominate the market – you must do everything in your power to stay ahead of the curve. Plan, react and be ready for a fight – with the upcoming Brexit result and globalization, you simply must work hard to get ahead.

Outsource what you can’t do


Don’t fall into the confine of doing everything yourself. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur then you must learn to outsource tasks that are taking up too much time, or that you can’t do very well. Working with a company that provides social media management UK based, for example, is a sensible idea, as managing your Twitter and Facebook accounts can eat into your workday and cause you to procrastinate. Hand it over to a professional who can grow your channels and relay important business information, and you’ll have an hour a day back to work on other tasks. Time-management is critical – weigh up the opportunity costs of everything.

Launch a new product


If you have been umming and aahing about extending your range and adding new product lines to your website, then make 2019 the year when those new products become a reality. All too often we see businesses sit on the fence and keep their great ideas to themselves. Newsflash: those great ideas aren’t going to make you money if you don’t execute them, so get to work!

Focus more on growth


It’s not greedy or wrong to want to grow your business. Stop sitting in the slow lane and look for new opportunities to take your business to the next level. Whether you want to add new staffers, open a new store, or even swallow one of your competitors to become the company in your local area, don’t be afraid of growing. As we’d always suggest, however, don’t grow too fast – make sure you’re prepared and have the necessary time and resources on hand for fast growth.

Remember to take time off


Finally, make it your New Year’s Resolution to take time off of work to spend with your family and friends. Yes, the more you work the more you’ll get done, but you need to know when to stop and relax. Not only is it good to unwind and do something outside of business, but it’s very important for your physical and mental health to take your foot off the gas and breathe.

There you have it – whether you’re starting from scratch in 2019 or you want to take an already established business to the next level, we hope that we have been able to offer you some food for thought. Best of luck for your venture – we’re sure you’ll be able to smash it in 2019!