Replacing a windshield is very expensive and time-consuming procedure which everyone hates. But now you can avoid this and can save your valuable time and money by using Windshield Repair Resin. Now you can simply repair scratched, chipped or cracked windshield on your own with ease. If you have this one product known as windshield repair resin,you don’t have to worry about anything. You can repair your car’s windshield on your own.

What is Windshield Repair Resin?

The substance which is used to repair chips and cracks on a windshield is known as windshield repair resin. You can avoid replacing of the windshield by using resin and can save your hundreds of dollars.

What is Resin Viscosity?

Viscosity is determined by the thickness of the resin. The viscosity of resin to be used is determined by the damage on the windshield; more the damage is, the more viscous the resin needs to be applied. Viscosity is measured in CPSand can be as low as 20cps, which is thin like water and as high as 1,500cps, which is thick like honey.

How to Apply Resin?

The resin is applied to the damaged area on the surface of the windshield. The damage on the windshield determines the viscosity of the resinis applied. After applying, a process is performed using an ultra-violet light which dries the resin and seals the windshield. This process is called curing and can take up to 30minutes to 1hour to complete.

Which Resin You Can Use at Home?

Resin found in auto glass repair kits available on auto glass repair shops or from online retailers can be used by anyone. There’s no need to hire a professional or pay for repairing of the scratched or chipped windshield. The viscosity of resin in this kit is low and can only be used for minor scratches and repairs and can be handy for quick fixes. But if the damage is severe, you need a professional and high viscosity windshield repair resin to repair the damage.