Being able to grow indoors gives you so many advantages, because you can control an indoor environment so much easier than you can control the outdoors and the elements. Even indoors, there are ways you can utilize your commercial led grow lights in such a way that you can maximize your growing potential.

Know where you need to be on the spectrum

There are different ways to use commercial led grow lights based on what kinds of plants you’re growing, and what stage of growth your plants are currently at. You can either try to imitate the sun’s rays, and use a similar light spectrum, or tailor the spectrum you are using to the specific plants.

Your lights work by stimulating a light appropriate for photosynthesis, which is how plants convert light energy into chemical energy so they can perform all their necessary activities for life. Some growers use a blue light in the initial vegetative stage and a red spectrum during the budding stage. You don’t want to experiment, only to find out you aren’t using the best spectrum for the job. We can help you choose the best settings for your plants.

Give them a rest

Just like anything alive, plants often do better if they can get down time so they can rest.


This is actually one of the most critical details to learn. Too close can be just as bad as too far away, and you want to have an even coverage of your plants, at the most advantageous distance.


Even though you are trying to use the light evenly, you will still need to rotate your plants weekly so they can get to maximum growth.

The right lights

Use lights you know will work the best for your plants.

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