Not everyone looks forward to going to work primarily on Monday. However, many people might have joined new job this year, for them, there’s excitement building up. Some might be shifting to a new office. There are plenty of things that people indulge because New Year brings new beginnings.

If you are someone who is shifting to the office, then we have written down six hacks that help you in organizing the workplace cleverly. You can use this hacks and find comfort in your new workplace.

Keep reading to find out more!

  1. Potted Plants

Potted plants are perfect for the desk.  It doesn’t distract you and make your desk look pretty. You can keep it in the window corner or anywhere the plants receive adequate sunlight. The indoor air of your new office will remain fresh and full of oxygen due to the plants. Besides, green color tends to improve the productivity as well.

  1. Get Digitalised

We live in the age of Information and technology. Therefore, cut down the usage of papers and start being digitalized. Try to do the correspondence with by scanning the documents and request for the same.

  1. Keep Everything in Place

A little misplacement will consume your time in finding the particular thing. Therefore, keep everything in place. Keep the pencils in the pen drawer.  Assign places for certain items. If there are, documents then label it with a sticky note. To stay organised keep your desks clean as much as possible.

  1. Practice Ergonomics

Yes, you heard that right! Practising ergonomics will prevent from getting back pain and other injuries. Have Desk monitor stand or perhaps an ergonomic chair that will keep your posture in perfect way.

  1. Block Your Notifications

These little beeps, vibrations, and pop-ups are the biggest distraction at the workplace. Hence, go the setting of your mobile phone and block the notifications. Perhaps turn off the internet.

  1. Stress Toy

Due to continuing working and deadlines, one might feel stressed. Hence, get a stress toy, fidget widget, and other such things. It will reduce your stress, improve focus, and increases the productivity.