There are only a few people who despite limited resources initiate their business ventures and rise to greater heights of achievements.

By virtue of their sheer hard work, devotion and inherent business sense reach to the pinnacle of success. There may be many successful businessmen who could have amassed enormous wealth. Yet hardly few of them command respect and recognition from the society and nation not only for being wealthy but for utilizing their wealth for noble causes for needy and deprived section of society.

One of such dignitaries is Peter Loftin, a name which can be considered as a fine blend of healthiness and kindness.

Journey to success

Embarking his business journey from back of his home, Peter Loftin, as a telecommunication entrepreneur formed North Carolina based Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) at Raleigh.

Showing exemplary business skills, he went on to successfully expand and take Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) among top telecommunications companies of the United States of America.

Under his leadership, Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) became the largest private employer in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. As a result, he was named as the “Entrepreneur of The Year” by the Business North Carolina Magazine.

In addition, he is the first person to introduce the flat rate pricing in the telecommunications industry.

With great kindness in heart for deprived ones, he provided free internet connection to the disabled students in the rural schools all over the North Carolina.

His extremely gracious and largest private donations ever made to Raleigh’s Performing Arts Center and the city of Raleigh arts program won him accolades from the residents of North Carolina as well as the Government.

For his benevolence, he was awarded the “Corporate Citizen of the Year award” by NCEITA i.e. North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association.

Casa Casuarina – love for art

His inclination and love towards arts was the reason due to which in 2000 Peter Loftin invested in real estate by selling a portion of BTI.

He invested a substantial amount in Casa Casuarina which was an architectural marvel. Later finding it worth for giving back to society, he eventually donated the marvelous palatial Casa Casuarina to more than 30 charities.

Diversified Businesses

The never ending success journey led Peter Loftin to diversify and enter into other businesses like formation of:

  • CM3 Group
  • Bardstown Bourbon distillery
  • GlobeSacNine

CM3 Group

Diversifying his businesses, he along with Michael Haley, retired SEAL and Richard Shaffer, retired, FBI; created CM3 Group, a counter-terrorism contractor group.

CM3 Group was created to impart training to the ports as anti terrorism measures. The group in accordance with local, state and federal laws provides counter terrorism consultation for the safety of ports on multi-year contract basis.  

Bardstown Bourbon distillery

He founded the largest new whiskey distillery in the United States in 2016 and became the founding member and Chairman of the Bardstown Bourbon Company. With its launch, he gave new dimensions to the spirit business.

One of its kinds, Bardstown Bourbon is a unique Collaborative Whiskey, Bourbon, and Rye Distilling Program located in Bardstown, Kentucky.

He played an important and significant role in the recent Constellation brands partnership.


He also founded GlobeSacNine Company that deals with defense and intelligence industry. GlobeSacNine is presently known as Torch Hill Investment Partners and is helping global companies with their growth capital.